Motorized High Speed Frequency Machine Spindles

Product Details

The Motorized High Speed Frequency Machine Spindles are widely used in the CNC machines, machining centers, machinery mold processing centers, machining tools, wood-working machines, centrifugal machines, glasses machining, brush-making, lock-making and other industries.

The motor spindles are characterized by low noise, small vibration, large torque force, and stable operation, with its speed up to 0.01-0.1 million rpm and the power up to 30kW.

With the precise machining equipments, scientific and reasonable process technologies, advanced testing methods, and fist-class assembly technology, together with the high-precision and high-speed ceramic ball bearings, the company had supplied the series high-speed motors, high-speed motorized spindles for drilling, milling, grinding and carving processes. 

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