Forging Duplex Stainless Steel

Forging Duplex Stainless Steel

Forging of duplex stainless steels. Closed die forged and free forged.

Product Details

Advantages of the duplex stainless steel forgings:

JINLUN had the excellent forging equipments, experienced workers handle forging duplex stainless steel, the suitiable furnace heating the duplex stainless steels.


It is not easy for most of other producers to forge duplex stainless steel well, the 904L is easy to be crack when forging. With long experiences and advance technology, we forged a lot of duplex stainless steels successfully.


We can forge shapes at both sides of the long bar.


Product apprecation domain:

This duplex stainless steels widely used for ships, heat exchangers, acid pickling equipments, evaporimeters, valves, pumps, etc.

Available materials:

2205, 1.4462, F51, F53,F60 etc.

Quality grauantee:

Checking the chemical elements of raw materials by spectrometer, detection of defects by magnetic powders and ultrasonic. Ultrasonic testing after pre-machined. Measuring the sizes of the raw forgings by kinds of instruments.


Production capacity:

Around 3,000ton per year, 5 ton per shift, 2 shifts per day.


Extra services

Pre-machining and CNC machining in our own workshops. Heat treated in our cooperative factories which are expert in the field of heating annealing solution, Q+T, etc.