Rolled Ring Forging

Rolled Ring Forging

Forged and rolled rings with shapes inside and outside diameter.

Product Details

Advantage of the special shaped ring forgings:


The advanced technology gives them more advantages than common annular forgings(rectangle section). On analysis of shape characteristics of customers parts, we develop the corresponding special molds and determine the rational forming process. Shape and size of forging could be closed to the part. So this kind of forging greatly saves materials, minimizes the time and reduces cost.


The biggest diameter of the special shaped rolled rings up to 4,000mm.


Product apprecation domain:

A variety of sizes and specifications flanges, gear ring for engineering machinery, rack for grab, rim for railway, wheel and grindeing ring for mining machinery, rolling ring for concrete mixer, mould forgings for rubber tires, large bearing ring and so on. The advanced technology gives them more advantages than common annular.


Available materials:

Carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminiums and bronzes.

We can also book the custom made materials according to our customer's demands, so we can always meet the special demands from our customers.


Quality grauantee:

Checking the chemical elements of raw materials by spectrometer, detection of defects by magnetic powders and ultrasonic. Ultrasonic testing after pre-machined. Measuring the sizes of the raw forgings by kinds of instruments.


Production capacity:

Around 6,000ton per year, 10 ton per shift, 2 shifts per day.


Extra services

Pre-machining and CNC machining in our own workshops. Heat treated in our cooperative factories which are expert in the field of heating annealing solution, Q+T, hardening, nitriding, carburizing, etc.