Description of the basic features and control the direction of large forgings nonmetallic

1, wherein the non-metallic inclusions in addition, to reduce the performance of forging, the forged and surface cracks.

2, break the chain forged or clumps.

3, the uneven distribution of inclusions in steel ingot, mainly in harm large negative segregation zone at the bottom of the steel ingot, the rod body and the junction of the riser (300-500-- from the lift line mm).

The basic way is to reduce the inclusions in the melting and casting process to minimize sources of inclusions. In addition, in the process of forging the scattered heavy pieces, harm reduction. Specific measures to reduce the inclusion of the following:

1, for an important part of the ingot, when heated to a high temperature diffusion annealing.

2, the deformation process, based on full feed anvil to strengthen the large forging ratio is conducive ingot welding deformation and clearance center, choose "wide anvil forging" when necessary.

3, forging compressive stress defects.