Forging Process Complexity

Now technological development faster and faster, a lot of things are close to mechanization, so many mechanical devices are required forging, of course, there will be forging forging process, forging requirements are very strict requirements for the forging process is very strict. Because each device is the need to coordinate, a little bit of asymmetry, or the wrong size, it will cause the entire process void.


Forging process pressure requirements are very strict, forgings can not have gaps or other impurities, otherwise when the mechanical work will be very prone to failure or paralysis of the entire project, maybe even a lot of manpower and material resources loss, so the forging process is very strict. Now many forgings are used on airplanes, you imagine, if imprecise because the forging process, which leads to an accident, the ultimate consequences are unimaginable! So the complexity of the forging process also obvious. So we can not ignore any little mistake in life, everything must be treated seriously, the inevitable loss occurs.