How Quenching After Forging Process Is Unfolding?

After roughing ultrasonic flaw detection eligibility conditioning treatment. Propeller shaft material 34 steel, hardenability, performance requirements, high strength requirement is higher, while the high strength to ensure at the same time to meet the requirements is difficult. Forging long, overweight, and easy bending deformation during the heat treatment, quenching easy to crack, and burst into flames, forging the same time increase the difficulty of quenching heat treatment before quenching punch.


To use the control shaft heat treatment furnace heat deformation. Water can easily cause the workpiece quenching crack, oil cooled by easily cause a fire, and mechanical properties are difficult to achieve. In order to prevent burst into flames quench cracking during hardening, the mechanical properties of the one-time pass, to determine oil-cooled air cooling + water + quenching technique.