Large forging industry needs to solve problems in the future

From the trend point of view, the development of direct drive hydraulic quick forging machines replace the old free forging hydraulic press forging industry is the future of our big problems to be solved. We should be through technological innovation, the introduction of foreign or joint design and accelerate the domestic operations of free forging hydraulic press hydraulic control and modernization of the operating system to improve its performance forging.

Accelerate the development of forging production lines require auxiliary equipment: Blacksmithing is not an isolated process, in order to increase productivity, reduce costs, need to make great efforts to develop forging auxiliary equipment, such as forging robots, forging automation systems, and rapid die change and loading and unloading systems . Meanwhile, the study also nondestructive testing forgings, the development of rapid automatic multi-point detection systems, process control systems and the development of technology.