Open Die Forgings Knowledge Learning

Open Die Forgings knowledge learning

 Forging process is a method of applying pressure to a metal blank by using a forging machine to produce a plastic deformation to obtain a machining method with a certain mechanical property, a certain shape and a size forging, forging (forging and punching) One of the two major components.


Deformation temperature

The recrystallization temperature of the steel is about 727 ° C, but generally 800 ° C is used as the dividing line, hot forging higher than 800 ° C; between 300 and 800 ° C is called warm forging or semi-hot forging.


According to the movement of the blank, Open Die Forgings can be divided into free forging, upsetting, extrusion, die forging, closed forging, closed upsetting.

1, free forging The use of impact or pressure to make the metal in the upper and lower iron (anvil) between the deformation to get the required forgings, there are manual Open Die Forgings and mechanical forging two kinds of forgings.

2, forging. Die forging is divided into Open Die Forgings and closed forging. Metal blanks in a certain shape of the forging die pressure deformation and get forgings, but also divided into cold forging, roll forging, radial forging and extrusion and so on.

3, closed forging and closed upsetting because there is no flash, the utilization of materials is high. With a process or a few processes may be completed complex forging finishing. In the absence of a flash, the area of force for the forging is reduced and the required load is reduced. However, it should be noted that the blank can not be completely restricted, for which to strictly control the volume of the blank, control the relative position of the forging die and forging measurements, efforts to reduce the forging die wear.

Forging die

According to the forging mode of movement, mold forging can be divided into swing roll, swing forging, roll forging, cross wedge rolling, rolling ring and inclined rolling and so on. Swing roll, swing forging and rolling ring can also be used forging processing. In order to improve the utilization of the material, roll forging and rolling can be used as an elongated material before the process of processing. And free forging the same rotary die forging is also part of the shape, and its advantage is compared with the size of forging, open mold forging force can also be achieved under the small form. Including the free forging in this forging method, the processing of materials from the mold surface near the free surface expansion, therefore, it is difficult to ensure accuracy, so the direction of the forging die and forging process with computer control, you can use lower Of the mold forging force to obtain complex shape, high precision products, such as the production of many varieties, large size turbine blades and other forgings. Mold forging equipment die movement and degree of freedom is inconsistent, according to the characteristics of deformation of the bottom dead point deformation, mold forging equipment can be divided into the following four forms:

1, limit the type of forging die force: hydraulic direct drive slider hydraulic machine.

2, quasi-stroke limit way: hydraulic drive crank linkage mechanism of the hydraulic machine.

3, stroke limit way: crank, connecting rod and wedge mechanism to drive the slider of the mechanical press.

4, the energy limit: the use of screw mechanism of the spiral and friction press.

Heavy-duty aeromod for hydraulic presses In order to obtain high accuracy, care should be taken to prevent overload, control speed and mold position at the bottom dead center. As these will have effects on forgings, shape accuracy and forging die life. In addition, in order to maintain accuracy, should also pay attention to adjust the slider rail clearance, to ensure stiffness, adjust the bottom dead center and the use of auxiliary transmission and other measures.


As well as the vertical and horizontal movement of the slider (for the elongated parts of the mold forging, lubrication and high-speed production of parts forging parts) way, the use of compensation device can be

Smooth Open Die Forgings out of the first large-scale disk products to increase the direction of other sports. The above factors are different, the required forging force, process, material utilization, production, dimensional tolerances and lubrication cooling methods are different, these factors are also factors that affect the level of automation.