Tee production process

Tee tee forming is greater than the diameter of the tube, crushed to about the size of the diameter of the three-way, stretching branch site to open a hole; tube by heating, into the forming die, and built-in tube stretching into the manifold of the die; tube is radially compressed under pressure, the metal flow and form a manifold die under tension to the branch pipes in the radial direction of the compression process. The whole process is by radial compression and stretching process tube manifold portion is shaped. Hydraulic bulging tee is different, tee branch pipe metal tube is carried out by radial motion compensation, it is also known as radial compensation process.

Because after pressing tee by heating the material forming the equipment needed to reduce the tonnage. Hot links to wider adaptability of materials suitable for low-carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel material; especially large diameter and wall thickness bias tee, often use this forming process.