Ten countermeasures to enhance the skills of welded pressure vessels

(L) for automated welding site should be given some attention. Because from the trend point of view, by the large-scale transportation restrictions, the device will lead to welding work inside the factory, some will be transferred to the construction site. Spot welding poor operating environment, such as not using automatic welding technology, float level gauge will restrict the smooth progress of the work of the other.

(2) according to the actual business, as much as possible the introduction of a number of advanced welding equipment, efficient use of welding processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

(3) To accelerate CO: MIG Application of Pressure Vessel Welding, well in advance of the welding basic work to promote the use of efficient, low-cost CO: gas shielded arc welding.

(4) to the preparatory work for welding, as the material accuracy, beveling quality, set higher demands for quality. Such as CNC cutting, beveling machining, automatic peer group. Well in advance of the preparatory work for the expansion of the coverage of automatic welding technology to lay a solid foundation.

(5) to actively participate in the new technologies, new technology research and development, at the forefront of pressure vessel welding technology, occupy the high ground.

(6) to keep abreast of new trends in materials for pressure vessels, and strengthen research weldability.

(7) combined with relevant research institutes, using computer technology developed for pressure vessel manufacturing industry, welding expert system, such as computer-aided process assessment, computer-aided welding quality control, computer-aided preparation of welding technology.