Wear fittings range

Wear fittings including wear elbow, straight pipe, structural tee, head, section radius, adjustable pipe, mainly used for pneumatic pumping slurry pipeline and other materials. Since the transmission medium has a high hardness, flow speed, flow rate and other characteristics of the transmission medium to long-term sustained an impact wall, wear, corrosion fatigue resulting in the pipe being gradually worn out. Depending on the wear conditions, the wear resistant pipe lining materials have different options. Wear-resistant ceramic lined pipe (lining of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia, silicon nitride, sialon, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, etc.); wear-resistant alloy tube; turtle nets wear fittings; rubber resistant steel grinding pipe; Plastic pipe wear; wear-resistant cast stone pipe; wear self-propagating composite pipe; RE wear-resistant alloy tubes. Wear elbow used in addition to coal-fired power plant ash, slag discharge pipe, powder feeding back powder tube, pipe desulfurization, but also widely used in the following industries: mining; coal-water slurry coal industry, coal washing mud, mine filling material , pulverized coal mine; metal mine; concentrate and tailings transportation wear elbow; metallurgy; steel plant ironmaking blast furnace coal injection, slag and other transmission pipelines; CAO, zinc Bei sand pipes, steel conveyor ferroalloy , refining and other preferred wear elbow; cement; raw slurry of wet kiln production line conveyor, coal transportation, upgrading cutting machine, finished cement pneumatic conveying and handling, transporting concrete wear elbow. Chemical plants; coal transportation pipeline, silica fume and other material handling wear elbow.