Slewing Slew Ring Flange Ring Bearings

Product Details

We are specialized in the production of slewing flange ring bearings with sizes ranging from 50mm to 5,000mm. Slewing rings are produced in a variety of shapes and constructions, i.e. single-, double-, or triple-row roller and ball bearings. 

At the customer's request, we can also produce slewing rings with internal or external gear teeth. They are suitable for installation in different construction and mining machinery, hoists, cranes, excavators, boat cranes, trailers, articulated buses, wind turbines and many other structures. 

The slewing rings are manufactured exclusively from high-quality steel, and the slewing rings are supplied by renowned manufacturers. Production is carried out on high-quality CNC machines. All slewing rings are manufactured according to the basic standard and quality.

Are you going to wholesale customized slewing slew ring flange ring bearings from one of the leading Machined Products manufacturers and suppliers? Then you can immediately make contact with our factory.