JINLUN export the 1.4462 duplex stainless steel forgings to Europe.

After successfully productions of forging, heating, machining, ultrasonic flaw testing, spectral testing and dimensions checkings. We delivered the 1.4462 duplex stainless steel forged and machined hubs to Europe.


Alloy 1.4462(2205) duplex stainless steel is a 22% Chromium, 3% Molybdenum, 5-6% Nickel nitrogen alloyed duplex stainless steel forgings with high general, localized and stress corrosion resistance properties in addition to high strength and excellent impact toughness.


Alloy 1.4462(2205) duplex stainless steel forging provides pitting and crevice corrosion resistance superior to 316L or 317L austenitic stainless steels in almost all corrosive media. The yield strength is about twice that of austenitic stainless steels.


Alloy 1.4462(2205) duplex stainless steel forging is particularly suitable for applications covering the -50°F/+600°F temperature range. Temperatures outside this range may be considered but need some restrictions, particularly for welded structures.


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Customer made is our core business. Our prouducts mainly export to European countries.


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