The 904L stainless steel shafts from JINLUN.

JINLUN is proud to announce that we are successfully developing the 904L stainless steel shafts for our foreign customer.

These 904L stainless steel shafts with high accuracy machining demands, especially of the places for assembling the bearings. We machined them on our new CNC turning and milling equipments. The shafts were made from 904L stainless steel forged bars. The 904L stainless steel shafts will be assembled to organic acid treatment systems.


The 904L(NS N08904, DIN1.4539)is the super austenitic stainless steel, with 24-26% Ni, 14-18% Cr and 4.5% Mo contents. As a austenitic stainless steel with lower carbon contents and higher Nickel, Molybdenum contents. 


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